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to create an epidemic of healthy people

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Spark N Fly

The 5 Pillars for Taking Control of Your Health


Join the GLOBAL EPIDEMIC of health that is Spark N Fly!

You might think you are eating right and taking the health approach to caring for your body, but in Spark N Fly, Isabelle Paquette breaks down what is common health knowledge, separating fact from fiction, and teaches you what to do in order to create a healthy you in all areas of your life.

Right from the start, Isabelle clues you in on why the food we eat now is not the same as it was just a few decades ago. Next, Isabelle tackles the most effective ways to meet your body’s nutritional needs to keep you in peak physical health. Additionally, Isabelle breaks down what to look for in your supplements and how to use them effectively. From nutrition to how you move your body, Isabelle gives you all the keys necessary to create the healthiest version of you !

But Isabelle does not stop at your physical health. Throughout Spark N Fly, Isabelle also targets your mind and spirit, giving you the tools to make connections from one aspect of your life to another. Throughout this book, Isabelle takes you on a journey of discovery, giving you the ability join the health epidemic and claim the healthy life you have always wanted !

" Spark N Fly is an inspirational guide on how every aspect of your life contributes to a healthier and more fulfilling journey. I encourage you to read and absorb the knowledge from these pages to empower you to make better choices in all areas of your life, starting with your kitchen ! "


NATHALIE PRUD’HOMME, Proud activist of integrative medicine

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