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My Exquisite Low Glycemic Index Recipes

68 easy and simple recipes to take control of your health! Includes photos and table of contents!


Why a recipe book on low glycemic index eating?

Low glycemic index eating is a simple and sustainable way of life. There are numerous benefits to it. Many people try different types of eating but cannot maintain them over a long period of time. They end up falling back into their old habits. So, according to me, this is a healthy lifestyle for life!


Here are the benefits of low glycemic index eating:

· Weight loss and maintaining ideal weight

· Better and sustainable energy

· Blood sugar regulation

· Reduced inflammation

· Elimination of cravings (sugar cravings)

· Satiety effect

· Treatment of type 2 diabetes, candida, obesity, degenerative diseases, etc.


So, I designed this recipe book to give you a head start and save you precious time today.


If you've read my first book, Spark N Fly, The 5 Pillars To Take Control Of Your Health, you may have noticed there was a lot of information that you simply didn't know. Knowledge gives you access to the power to make informed decisions about the choices you make every day.


My greatest desire is to see more and more people taking charge of their health and well-being! Congratulations on taking action!


My vision with Spark N Fly is to spread the EPIDEMIC of healthy people at all levels! Thank you for being a part of it!


My role is to accompany you in optimizing your energy and confidence for your future! So let's go! Spark N Fly your daily routine by creating exquisite and truly healthy recipes!


Isabelle Paquette

Naturopath, osteopath, speaker and author

My services:


My Exquisite Low Glycemic Index Recipes

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